28 marzo 2018

Beloved, I'm back

Beloved, I'm back from the foreign mountains, 

I climbed up thirsty, looking for the burning bush of passion and sex.

Yeah, I'm back from the Amazon rainforests. 

where I savored the nectar of all the flowers, 

I'm back from the yellow deserts. 

where I almost died of thirst, 

I'm back from the black caves, full of bats, 

that they sucked my blood. 

I'm back, darling, but I didn't find you. 

I told you to wait for me, 

on the edge of the harbor of hope, 

sitting, hearing the whispering 

of our hearts 

and weaving the lonely coat 

for our meeting. 

Where are you beloved? 

I'm already here, 

sitting on the crest of despair, 

waiting for you to come back, 

your loving look, 

savor your sea kisses 

and your eternal understanding, 

I am here, beloved.