12 marzo 2018


I was sitting in front of the bonfire. He watched as the fire crackled and consumed the last reeds. I was hoping the time would come. I couldn't stop crying, remembering what had happened. 

However, he had to go back to the present. He looked in his pockets for the menu of that rotten restaurant where he had scored the key. The paper was dyed with the blood of his brother Hans. He couldn't help the fight. His brother assaulted him. He accused him of wanting to keep all the money from his parents' inheritance. He defended himself. He pushed him and Hans fell flat on his face, cracking his skull. He fled to the sea without looking back. He couldn't get the image of his dead brother out of his head. He would never forgive himself for that crime. It was an unfortunate accident. He looked at the clock, the bank would be open by then.

Photo source:    Pixabay