08 marzo 2018

The moon and the anchorite

An anchorite asked the moon about the roads she had yet to travel in her life. The moon wasn't surprised. It was not the first time a human spoke to her and she had never answered them. But, that scrawny old man, who only had a dirty loincloth, a staff and a dried pumpkin, seemed worthy of his answer. So he replied:

"I don't know about the ways of human life. I only understand of grow and wane, of go out and hide, of tides and of some eclipses. That's what I care and worry about. But for what it's worth, I once heard from a human sage, many years ago, that the paths you traveled were like books. You always end up learning something from them." 
The anchorite was satisfied with the answer. He understood what that wise man had said. He had learned a lot from the twenty years he had been in that lonely cave. So he got up, took his staff and dried pumpkin and went out to try to learn something about the roads he had yet to walk.

Photo source: own