26 febrero 2018

Yesterday I woke up in your body

Yesterday I woke up in your body
with the taste of your kisses on the commissure of my lips
and with the perfume of your ebony complexion on my thirsty hands.

I smelled every inch of your skin like a dog in heat. 
while you were sleeping, exhausted,
after devouring me to bites,
the last remnants of my lust.

I woke you up, 
dipping myself into the sacred chalice of your sex
with my thirsty tongue,
the hidden nectar of your lust,
while my hands wanted to be your coffee nipples.

I crawled like a snake, 
in your convulsed body, 
following the path of your sobbing,
towards your butterfly mouth,
to play with your tongue, 
and drown myself with the passion of your kissing.

I went into all your burning caves
while your fingernails made furrows of lust in my skin,
until I was myself  ecstatic, alone, 
with the pleasure ephemeral of my egocentrism.

Yesterday I woke up in your body ,
searching the white roof
the blades of your dream
that got lost in the bitch consciousness.  

Photo source:   Pixabay - Efes Kitap