11 diciembre 2018


This human being thing is not complicated, it is enough to be so. However, there are people who forget what they are and become abominable monsters who would not be recognized by the mother who gave birth to them.
One of these beings, to call it by some name, is the man who, last Friday, 19 October 2018, gravely insulted a black woman because she was going to sit next to him on a Ryanair flight that was going to cover the Barcelona-London route.
In this video,
, you can hear the racist and hateful insults made by this energetic woman of 77 years of age. Outrageous.
What is serious about this affair is that those responsible for the airline did not act fulminantly against this gentleman, who should have taken him out of the plane and arrested him by the police for threatening and hate crimes, but those from Ryanair did nothing at all, they just moved the woman, leaving the criminal sitting quietly in his seat, satisfied that his racist and intolerable behaviour went unpunished.
However, facts such as these tell us that we must be vigilant and stand firm, without taking a step back, in the face of this type of behaviour, which is the result of the new neo-fascist currents that run through Europe and which encourage hatred of the different, racism and xenophobia, which have no basis whatsoever.
We cannot allow history to repeat itself and we must defend an inclusive world, far from hatred, xenophobia and racism.
The fascist parties want an exclusionary world, a world where hatred is the flag flying in our homes, hatred of foreigners, hatred of the different, hatred of the unknown and hatred of the progress of civilisation.
These parties want to put us, once again, in a dark cavern whose only way out is the abyss, and we cannot allow that.
Sources of information: La Vanguardia.

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