24 agosto 2018


Punctuality is a virtue that I have, but at certain moments, that punctuality turns on me like a rabid dog, and often makes me lose patience when the "others" are not punctual. I think that not being punctual is a total lack of respect for the people affected, since we waste precious time on those who are pivotal. Because it is precisely time we waste. Time is a value that many do not take into account and think is created by spontaneous generation, and that, as splendid magicians, we can take five, ten, twenty or thirty minutes out of our hat and recover that lost time. But the harsh reality is that this time is gone, it does not recover, it is lost like water in our hands, we cannot go back because this time is now part of the past and no matter what we do, we will never recover it. I would like to be unpunctual, to let myself go and if I don't arrive today, I arrive tomorrow or the day after, but I can't, I go through a I don't know what, when I know that I can be late and, in the end, I simply can't and I am almost always the first on any appointment. It's my character. I don't know what goes on in the minds of people who are unpunctual, what extraordinary elements are allied for ever and ever to arrive late for their respective appointments. I often wonder what psychological, personal, social, cultural, mathematical, physical, sexual, etc. elements make some people punctual and others not. I have tried to internalize and visualize when I started to be punctual, when I knew in my life that being punctual was important. But as in so many other things in my life, I have not succeeded in doing so. And I'd like to be more irreverent about punctuality, harder, more cruel, and leave when people are late for an appointment, but I can't either.
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