22 julio 2018

The untouchables and the miserable

For some businessmen and politicians, society is made up of untouchables and miserable people. I can understand that. For them, the untouchables are those who are part of the economic and political power that are above the procedures that are articulated to bring to a successful conclusion the equidistant application of justice.
And the wretched ones, from their particular point of view, are the rest of mortals, who, when they have an account of justice, have no choice but to comply with the injunctions, whatever they may be, and they seriously endure their own sail, navigating, hopelessly, against the wind and tide and, in some cases, the seafood.
These characters, the untouchables, of course, when they are touched by the robes of the Law, move heaven and earth to prevent them from being brought before the judges and always come to the easy, but very Machiavellian way out, to say that they are being persecuted by I do not know what factual powers that only seek their personal, professional and political discredit.
Some have even complained about the treatment and ways in which they have been brought before the Law, and have denounced their situation, using all their media weapons to defend what cannot be defended, arguing that this state of affairs will undoubtedly lead us to economic bankruptcy because investors are fleeing in fear of this scenario.
It should be remembered that when a judge makes the decision to take a person to court, he does not do so because he got up that morning in a certain way, but on the basis of facts and evidence from police investigations, and not on a morning whim.
Even some businessmen and politicians who have been brought before the courts of justice feel annoyed by the forms, arguing that it could have been done in another way. But these businessmen, these politicians and some of those who have expressed their opinion on this issue forget that the courts of law must, above all, ensure compliance with the law. Judicial decisions are considered, assessed and taken into account in many ways. Even, going further and not to hurt susceptibilities, that when they stop people, who are part of the rest of mortals -the miserable ones- they are not less taken into account.
Justice, my lords, is the same for everyone, whether we like it or not, whether we have more or less money or more or less power. If justice were to make distinctions, it would have long ago lost the fabric that covers its face, but thanks to our democracy, it continues to function independently, even if some people try, whether active or passive, to twist this principle.
Image source: Pixabay

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