12 julio 2018

Being the chrysalis of your change

Wanting to be a butterfly when you are not a chrysalis is complicated, when you are not an insect and you become aware that you are a human being full of limitations, frustrations, mediocrity, phobias, mania, obsessions, outdated egos and unconfessable envy.
One day you realize that you have to change from your inner self and leave behind the masks, those old skins that are no longer useful for you; to be like the snake that renews its skin on the side of the road. To be reborn from your inner self so that your wings come out so that you can leave behind what you were and never wanted to be. A being who, at times, you do not recognize, but who is there, within you, because it is simply part of your being.
However, you are not an insect, you are not a worm, that turns into a butterfly, you are a human being who only wants to leave behind their miseries and frustrations for being what you do not want to be. Then you take the beak and shovel to break, in a thousand pieces, that shell that covers you, to which you have been adding pieces every minute of your life as a faithful and conscientious blacksmith.
There you can see how difficult it is to remove the brass that covers your breastplate and you have no choice but to follow your path with it, releasing the ballast that you can because life does not give you a break, a pause to free yourself from that heavy burden.
Although the path always teaches you that you can change, that one step always leads to the other, that climbing a step, which you have never climbed, has its difficulties. Life teaches you that change begins with the attitude of wanting to change. You just have to do it, not try anymore, just do it.
To start changing the small, the detail, the insignificant and with the passage of time you will realize that you have changed, that you are no longer that chrysalis, but that you already resemble, in something, the butterfly that you dreamed of being.
I'm working on it, I've been trying for two years, walking and breathing, breathing and walking, with my beak and shovel behind my back and, whenever I can, I pull off a piece of tinplate that's no longer good for me.
Image source: Pixabay

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