10 junio 2018

The secret of a dream


Damien woke up late and had a little headache. The night had been long, very long. He sat in bed looking for the courage to get up and go to work, but his strength was weakening.
He remembered clearly the color of her eyes and hair, the shape of her lips, the warmth of her tongue, the smell of her sweaty skin, the salty taste of her nipples, and the sensual tone of her voice as she spoke to him:

"Tell me you love me"
But he remembered the passion with which they gave themselves in that dreamlike night when their bodies merged into one.
He looked on his cell phone for the last calls he had received, looking for a loophole in reality, but only found the five missed calls from his ex-wife, who was looking for any excuse to remind him that he was already falling behind on alimony payments. Perhaps it had all been a magnificent dream, of those who are so similar to reality that you don't know if it belongs to her or to the world of dreams.
He took a shower and then dressed in the navy blue suit, white shirt, gray tie and black shoes. He was expecting a tough day at the central office.
When he picked up the mobile phone to put it in his wallet, a WhatsApp warning tone sounded. He thought it would be a message from his ex-wife, but this time he was wrong. He logged into the application, opened the message that appeared to be from an unknown sender, and read:

"Don't forget you're my secret and I hope someday you'll tell me you love me."
He smiled and with that smile he left his house because she knew she was a reality, and that made him happy, because he only thought about how to meet her again.
Image source: Pixabay

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