26 mayo 2018

I love you, Axcana-25712

He knew his life cycle was coming to an end. He didn't know how much longer he had. That orange light that blinked next to the scaphoid indicated it.
He thought of Axcana-25712. I was only thinking about her, the time they were together, their smiles, their conversations, their neural kisses and their hypercellular sexual encounters, in which they became one being. He missed her so much.
However, Axcana-25712 ran out of time. He never understood the damn mathematical algorithm that controlled their lives and that was recalculated every moon cycle.
She was all that mattered. He wanted to get back together with her.. He didn't think twice. He activated his personal program and entered his quantum profile. He used the hacked key from the Central System of Limited Life Programming (SCPVL). There he was. Everything he had lived in the last 560 years. The most of those years he lived with Axcana-25712. He activated her vital videos and saw her, distant and intangible. He couldn't stop the crying. He left that segment and went to the Life Development segment. He activated the Deactivate Programmed Life Stayoption. He found that he had twenty years to live. The system requested the key. He introduced it and the system asked him:
"Are you sure you can disable Rothar-31459?"
"Rothar-31459 said yes."
The system began to recalculate, as he saw the light of his scaphoid begin to turn into an intense red. He began to lose consciousness and only thought about his beloved Axcana-25712, which was all he cared about.
Fuente de la imagen: Pixabay

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