21 marzo 2018

Aldabas que hablan

Las aldabas dicen mucho de los moradores de las casas, algunas son muy peculiares, distintas a todas las demás y, al verlas, ya te puedes hacer una idea de las personas que viven dentro.
The door knocks say a lot about the dwellers of the houses, some are very peculiar, different from all the others and when you see them you can already get an idea of the people who live inside.

19 marzo 2018

Proa hacia el horizonte

Hay poner la proa hacia el horizonte y nunca al marisco.

18 marzo 2018

The unwanted caress. A story about sexual abuse in childhood

That nightmare woke me up again. I sat in bed, shaking. A cold sweat ran through my body. I remembered his cold, shaky hands. Her lips dry as rotten wood. His damned caresses that ran through my body, like a  serpent, which only seeks to embrace its prey to bite it and inject its poison and devour it. 

I almost didn't remember when he started abusing me. My brain had taken care of burying those terrible memories, leaving flashes, which were manifested in the nightmares that assaulted me like hungry hyenas.

I didn't even remember him when I was meeting him at family parties. At Christmas. New Year's Eve or some wedding. He so wonderful and happy. He was the center of attention when he told a funny joke or an anecdote. 

That was my father's brother. A fucking sexual predator who had no regrets.  He used all his weapons to abuse me again when he wanted to, threatening that he would kill me if I counted his atrocious . I kept silent.

I kept silent until the morning after that nightmare. Something inside me was telling me I had to tell it. To bring out the devil who tormented me, who consumed me in silence and who made it impossible for me to be happy.

I didn't doubt it. I decided to tell it my older sister, Salome. She would understand me. It would comfort me and encourage me to move on.

One Saturday night I went to his house.  Her husband was away on business trip. After dinner I told her everything, that I was going to tell our parents and that I didn't care much about our family going to hell.

Salome got up. She walked towards the window and was silent for a while. From the table I could see her hands shaking. She clenched his fists so tightly that they turned white. She turned slowly and approached. I looked at her. His eyes were red and she was clenching his jaws. She put his hands on the table and said to me in a trembling, broken voice:

"You can't tell Dad, and you can't tell Mom. No one should know this, Lucia. If Dad finds out what that bastard did to you, you know he won't hesitate to kill him like a dog and he'll spend the rest of his old age in jail. You know he's been happier since he retired, and so is Mom. Now is not the time to break that happiness into a thousand pieces. You know how hard they worked for our future."


"No, Lucia, you can't take that step. Karma will make him pay his guilt."

"Karma? What are you talking about? That son of a bitch raped me, sister, and he did it since I was only five years old. No, you don't know what that is."

My sister turned around, went back to the window and kept silent. Then she went back to where I was and told me very calmly:

"We must keep that secret, Lucia, for the sake of the family. If it were known, we already know the consequences and we do not want that to happen."

We kept talking for more than an hour until she convinced me to remain silent, not to tell anyone. That's what I did.

From that day onwards the nightmares disappeared because, somehow, having verbalized my hell contributed to their leaving. 

After five years since that dinner at which I revealed my terrible nightmare, my sister called me and told me that my uncle had died in an unfortunate car accident. It had fallen down a ravine.

We attended his mass funeral. That snake was very dear and appreciated among his friends and acquaintances. No one really knew him. I would have liked to have shouted to the four winds that he was an evil being. He didn't deserve anyone to cry for him.

At the end of the funeral, my sister stayed put. She kept quiet and stared at my uncle's grave. Her husband asked her to with him, but she told him that she would go later in a taxi. 

After a while we were left alone in front of the tomb. She stepped forward and sat on the tombstone. I came over and sat next to her.

"What's wrong with you, Salome?" I asked her worried. 

"This bastard also abused me," She said putting his hand on the marble.  "When you told me that night, I thought I was going crazy. He abused me and I let it slide I swallowed my tears and my fears, but he abused you, my little sister. Oh, God! I just wanted to go home. I wanted to kill him like a dog., but I remembered dad, mom, the happy ones they were and then I changed my mind." 

"Why didn't you tell me that night?" I asked her sadly. 

Because I know you. I know you would have done a crazy thing you'd be regretting today. I'm more reflective and I believe in Karma."

"Again with Karma, Salome!" My scream echoed in the cemetery. 

"On this occasion, I was Karma." 

"What do you mean?" I questioned her, looking her in the eye.

She stood up. She straightened her skirt. She smiled and told me:

"He already paid for what he did to us. He'll never abuse a girl again. That's what I mean. Today is a day of celebration. We killed the monster. I'll buy you dinner. The occasion deserves it."

I woke up. I looked at her. I hugged her and we cried together, looking for the catharsis in the crying and in the hugging that would liberate us, forever, from the pain that had been inflicted on us from the earliest childhood.

Image source: Pixabay

17 marzo 2018

Perspectiva de contraste

Hay ocasiones en que un callejón iluminado te llama la atención. Te quedas mirándolo durante un tiempo. Sacas la cámara y realizas la foto. Este es el resultado; una perspectiva de contraste.

There are times when a lighted alley catches your eye. You stare at it for a while. You pull out the camera and take the picture. This is the result; a contrasting perspective.

14 marzo 2018

El olvido

Llegó a casa temprano, estaba cansado, una siesta no le vendría mal. Se desvistió, se duchó y se puso el pijama. Iba meterse en la cama, cerrar las persianas y dormir hasta que llegara su mujer. Se sentó en su lado de la cama, se acostó y se dispuso a leer un rato. Buscó el libro que estaba leyendo, pero no lo encontró. En su lugar había unas gafas que no reconocía, con una montura azul eléctrico rematada por tonos amarillos en sus extremos. Las cogió y se las puso, entonces comprendió que su mujer le debía una explicación.

Fuente de la imagen: propia.

13 marzo 2018

Belleza arquitectónica colonial

En la isla de La Palma hay muchos edificios tan bellos como este que transportan a la época colonial.

12 marzo 2018


I was sitting in front of the bonfire. He watched as the fire crackled and consumed the last reeds. I was hoping the time would come. I couldn't stop crying, remembering what had happened. 

However, he had to go back to the present. He looked in his pockets for the menu of that rotten restaurant where he had scored the key. The paper was dyed with the blood of his brother Hans. He couldn't help the fight. His brother assaulted him. He accused him of wanting to keep all the money from his parents' inheritance. He defended himself. He pushed him and Hans fell flat on his face, cracking his skull. He fled to the sea without looking back. He couldn't get the image of his dead brother out of his head. He would never forgive himself for that crime. It was an unfortunate accident. He looked at the clock, the bank would be open by then.

Photo source:    Pixabay  

11 marzo 2018

Solo cartas de amor

Sí, solo esas nos salvarán de la extinción.

Yeah, only those will save us from extinction.

10 marzo 2018

Déjame andar junto ti

Déjame andar junto a ti, acompañando a tu sombra, atada a ella, como si de un perro se tratara.

Déjame perseguir el perfume de tu cuerpo, ese que cultivas en las noches y que regalas en las mañanas.

Déjame recostarme a tu lado, para sentir el hálito de tu alma e intentar retenerlo en mi memoria.

Déjame descubrir tus montes, tus selvas y tus cuevas, siguiendo la brújula de tus gemidos.

Déjame, al fin, estar junto a ti, para ser más de lo que soy y convertirme en la ola eterna de tu playa.

Fuente de la foto: propia

09 marzo 2018

Una mirada inocente

Los gatos pequeños tienen una mirada muy tierna y este te mira como si te preguntará ¿salimos a jugar?
The little cats have a very tender look and this one looks at you as if he's going to ask you,"Shall we go out and play?

08 marzo 2018

The moon and the anchorite

An anchorite asked the moon about the roads she had yet to travel in her life. The moon wasn't surprised. It was not the first time a human spoke to her and she had never answered them. But, that scrawny old man, who only had a dirty loincloth, a staff and a dried pumpkin, seemed worthy of his answer. So he replied:

"I don't know about the ways of human life. I only understand of grow and wane, of go out and hide, of tides and of some eclipses. That's what I care and worry about. But for what it's worth, I once heard from a human sage, many years ago, that the paths you traveled were like books. You always end up learning something from them." 
The anchorite was satisfied with the answer. He understood what that wise man had said. He had learned a lot from the twenty years he had been in that lonely cave. So he got up, took his staff and dried pumpkin and went out to try to learn something about the roads he had yet to walk.

Photo source: own

07 marzo 2018

05 marzo 2018

El lagarto gigante de Gran Canaria

El lagarto gigante de Gran Canaria es una especie endémica de la isla de Gran Canaria y que está protegida por la ley.

04 marzo 2018

The clown

He always wanted to be a clown, to make people laugh, but at night, while he slept, the laughter escaped and he never recovered them again.

03 marzo 2018

Luna que vi y te veré

La Luna siempre está presente y nos observa desde su cenit, viendo el devenir de nuestras vida sin imutarse. Ella solo piensa cuando será su próximo eclipse lunar. Nada más y nada menos.

02 marzo 2018

La luna y el anacoreta

Un anacoreta le preguntó a la luna por los caminos que le quedaban por recorrer en su vida. La luna no se sorprendió porque no era la primera vez que un humano hablaba con ella y nunca les había contestado. Sin embargo, aquel viejo escuálido, que solo contaba con una taparrabos sucio, un cayado y una calabaza seca, le pareció digno de su respuesta. Así que le contestó:
-Yo no sé de los caminos de la vida de los humanos. Yo solo entiendo de crecer y menguar, de salir y ocultarme, del subir y el bajar de las mareas y algo de eclipses. De eso me ocupo y preocupo. Pero si te sirve de algo, oí una vez a un sabio humano, hace ya muchísimos años, que los caminos que recorres eran como los libros; de ellos siempre terminas aprendiendo algo. 
El anacoreta se quedó satisfecho con la respuesta. Comprendió lo que había dicho aquel sabio. Él había aprendido mucho de los veinte años que había estado en aquella cueva solitaria. Así que se levantó, cogió su cayado y su calabaza seca y salió a intentar aprender algo de los caminos que le quedaban por recorrer.

01 marzo 2018

El horizonte tiene su atardecer

Los horizontes también tiene sus atardeceres y siempre los tienen distintos; nunca tienen uno igual.