07 febrero 2018

Armed robbery in Steemit

Yes, the title is flashy, I know, but that's what happened to me:
I've been robbed in Steemit. 
They have not stolen my account, perhaps something more important, at least for me; they have stolen one of my texts. I can explain that.
You know that I have already mentioned in other posts that I find plagiarism and piracy in Steemit totally unacceptable, and users who commit these disrespectful acts should be condemned.
What I am going to tell you has to do with the plagiarism of one of my texts, exactly with the translation of one of my stories, specifically my story  La última nota, written in Spanish, which a Steemit user translated and uploaded into the community as if it were her own.  
The user is @icyy and the translated text is:  https://steemit.com/cervantes/@icyy/the-last-note-of-the-course 
I knew that some scoundrels were using this technique to upload plagiarized translated texts to avoid being hunted by @lince and @cheetah, but what I would never have imagined is that a steemitans would take a text published in Steemit, translate it and publish it as their own.
If plagiarizing a text seems reprehensible to me, what I find utterly disrespectful and shameful is what @icyyy did, because she didn't go Internet to look for a text to plagiarize it after translating it, but she used Steemit's own network to commit the theft.
The fact is that this user sought an interesting objective a priori, because my story  La última nota  has been the text with which I have won the most in Steemit, $76.20 in total, $57.17 after the distribution. What happened is that the @blocktrades whale passed by and voted and we all know what happens when a whale votes for us, automatically our article becomes one of the most visited and voted. 
This thief thought:
 If I translate it into English, maybe I win something with the text.
The truth is that this was not the case, because it did not obtain any kind of benefit.
However, I wonder what would have happened if that text had reached a significant amount of money. It would have bothered me a lot, not because I could have earned some kind of money from the translation, because I have translated it and something I'm gaining, (the text translated by me here) but because of the action in itself of @icyy, who had no qualms about robbing, a companion of his own community and that seems to me to be an absolute disrespect, those of us who form part of our community. 
We have a serious problem with plagiarism and also with piracy and that should not be allowed to happen here. 
It would be necessary to look for some kind of effective methodology that avoids these types of behaviors and when they prove, convincingly, that there was plagiarism, these users should be expelled from the community and if not expelled, at least disable them for a while, because we are not speaking of prestige, plagiarists give exactly the same prestige, but money and when we talk about money, we are talking about when a plagiarist earns a penny, that penny is stopping him from winning a steemitans that is working correctly and when that happens, the system did not work as well as we wanted.
We all know how much it costs to make original content for some people to copy it and also try to profit from their misdeeds.
Yes, I know that there is a lot of controversy about what I said in the previous paragraph, who are the judges? but what do we do in the face of such a flagrant case, with such blunt evidence? Let them continue to do whatever they want, hurting the rest of us who are trying to do our job in the best way possible? 
I'll leave it there. 

Photo source:  Pixabay-John Hain 

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