03 enero 2018

Negative votes in Steemit

Yesterday I used the dreaded red flags for the first time. I did it four times and I didn't do it any more because I was running out of voting power and wanted to be able to vote on articles from some steemitians.
In this particular case it was to a user, to call him in some way, that he is dedicating himself to putting links of illegal downloads of books; I counted 13 links to him, without counting, of course, the previous ones because he has many more. 
On a previous occasion I left him a comment, saying that it didn't seem right to me what I was doing, but far from rectifying, he continued to post pirated links. Then I decided to start putting red flags on it, knowing that I would lose voting power, that I could not use it to vote on interesting articles and that I would gain nothing, perhaps an enemy.
I don't like being anyone's policeman, but the promotion of pirate links affects me directly. As you know I am a writer, I have all my novels, stories and plays in the digital portals of Internet, AmazonGoogle PlayiTunes, etc.... 
Writing a novel, a play, a book, composing a song, making a film, it takes a lot of time and money and nobody deserves to be robbed of the product of their work.
The robots, @lince and @cheetah, are very aware of the copying and pasting, but I have the sad feeling that NOTHING does NOT do against this type of behavior, which I find equally or more reprehensible perhaps because their computer algorithms do not track illegal download links that proliferate in this community. 
Furthermore, in these cases, there would be no doubt and I think it would be more effective than tracing the plagiarism that, on many occasions, blunders, as I have suffered in person with @cheetah, which he put on his list because there was a coincidence with the title of a story I wrote.
I know that to put negative votes is not pleasant for anyone because because you don't get anything, just to win you some enemies, but I think that this community does not deserve to have users who dedicate themselves to promote PIRACY; if we repudiate the PLAGE, we should also be blunt with piracy because every book, film, song that is pirated you are hurting a third party and we can not spend it in Steemit because here. 
Steemit should be clear of these crummy compartments. 
For that reason, If you come across user who is dedicated to promoting piracy, please don't hesitate and give him or her a negative vote and a comment on why you are doing it, then you will be contributing to a free community and a prestigious community.

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