23 diciembre 2017

La trama

Me llamó mucho la atención estas figuras en el portal de Belén de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ¿qué estarán tramando?
I was very surprised by these figures on the portal of Bethlehem Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, what are they up to?

The last note of the course

Leonides was a bad student. He did not understand the world around him because, even the simplest element, it was very complicated. He never understood why they had given him such a fancy name. He would have preferred a simpler one. With a John or with a Peter, with any of them, he would have conformed.
But things got twisted. He started going to school and he found  the world of mathematics, language, physics, chemistry and science. Why was the world so difficult and complicated when everything could be simpler? He did not understand it.
But Leonides had will and a lot of time. Those two elements were the ones that supported, from the base, his future as a student. 
He went from one educational level to another like the one that climbs a mountain. Step by step, centimeter by centimeter, until it arrives at the University.
In the university he continued using that binomial that had given him so much success, will and time.
Thus he reached the last year of his career. There he found the most convoluted subject of his life:
 Quantum analysis of refractory optical bipolarity. 
This subject taught it by Professor Euclides, who was reputed to be one of the toughest in the university. He had always seen in Leonides a mediocre, unintelligent student with little future as a telecommunications professional.
Leonides devoted himself completely to the subject, because he knew he would have problems. He looking for the time and the will from where he did not have. He even left some subjects for February to dedicate himself, with all his strength, to climb one of the most complex routes of that mountain of five peaks, which was the university.
When the day of the exam arrived, he was prepared, self-assured  and confident to pass the exam, until he turn around the exercise around. In that instant he understood that it was not going to be easy. Just at the moment when the teacher said in his laconic voice: 
The exam begins
Their eyes met. He with the cold and distant look and the professor with a forced and cynical smile.
The next day he went to look at the notes. He searched itself in the list that posted on the bulletin board. He followed with his index finger each one of the names that formed his course, while listening to his heart runaway. He stopped in his name and saw the note: 4,99 - Suspense.
He watched the tutorial hours of Professor Euclides. Every day from 1:30 p.m. He turned his wrist and check that it was 13.15.  He decided to wait. I wanted a reasonable explanation, if there was one.
When the time came, he knocked on the door of the professor's office, heard how he invited him to come in and he said:
—You have not delayed much in coming to claim the note.
—I have come to see my exam. I want a logical explanation of that tenth that has left me out of the approved.
—A logical explanation? I do not know if my explanation will be logical.
—But a tenth is nothing.
—Nothing! This affirms what of you, gentleman. A tenth is a lot, so much that it can, for example, ruin all scientific research.
Yes, but this is not a scientific investigation, it is a simple examination. I have been a good student, I have never missed class and I have done all the works you have proposed.
—Is true, but the exam is the exam and you have not approved it. It is simple.
—Yes, for a tenth.
How I explain it to you so that you understand me. A tenth can be the border between life and death, between staying or passing, between going up and going down. Understands?
—No, I do not understand.
—Well, if you do not understand ... There's nothing more to talk about. You suspended and that is not going to change anyone, —he said sharply looking at his papers.
Leonides looked around wondering why things were so complicated. He observed Professor Euclides's desk, with mountains of papers. The professor looked at his papers and ended the conversation.
Leonides turned around, opened the door to get out, but could see that on the shelf there was a box cutter yellow. He stopped, took it, pressed the button take out the steel blade, turned and said to the teacher:
—I've thought about that, that a tenth can be the difference between life and death. And you are right.
The professor raised his head, and at this precise moment, Leonides cut his throat. He sat in front of the teacher watching him to bleed as the professor  trying to stop the bleeding with his hands, but nothing could do.
Leonides got up, approached the professor, moved the chair back and looked at the computer screen his file. He looked for the box where the 4,99 was. He selected it with the mouse and changed it to a five. He closed the program of qualifications, put the box cutter in the pocket of the sweatshirt and when he left, he thought::
 —What you need to do to change a note.

 Image source: Pixabay