10 diciembre 2017

The robber of the crisis

He entered with a balaclava that covered his entire face, with a shopping cart and a airgun and he shouted:
 —Nobody move! Whoever moves, I will shot her between eyebrow and eyebrow. I do not want any nonsense, huh ? I have a very restless finger. I want not be that any one ends up in a box of finnish pine without having it planned.
The situation was aggravated . The security guard raised the  walkie-talkie and tried to call the central. But met the look of the robber who said him:
 —You, kid, do not to be play the brave. The cemeteries and crematoriums are full of man brave. Turn off the  walkie-talkie , put it on the ground and throw it at me here.
The security guard did not think twice and did what he said the robber.
 —Well, I see that we are all understanding the matter. I want to leave early and without problems. If we all do what is in the script we will get a great movie and we can gain the Oscar.
The thief looked around. He went to one of the shelves on which were all thrillers and told one of the employees:
—Put them all in the shopping cart, without leaving one. I'm watching you . I do not want to have a problem with you.
The employee looked at him bewildered. He put all the books dedicated to policial novel into the shopping cart until he filled it.
The robber looked at all establishment customers and argued:
—Do not look at me in amazement. I know that it is rare for a robber to steal books, but some have their hobbies and their vices. I am an inveterate reader. This terrible crisis leads anyone to do unthinkable things until yesterday at three o'clock. You do not know how well you spend it reading, while I wait for them to call me from unemployment. Unemployment is less unemployment and the crisis less crisis.
Without saying more, he ran down the street, with the shopping cart full of books while at the mall they could not believe what they saw.

Image source: Pixabay