09 diciembre 2017


Yesterday, you went following his memory, 
because your heart broke into a thousand pieces, 
and you did not know where to put the pieces, they fell out of your hands 
and they rolled down the street like broken toys 
that nobody wants.

You did not expect the black boat to arrive so fast, 
because you still felt his hands, you had his smiles, 
you had his kisses and his caresses, 
but the boat arrived at your beach 
and you stayed on the rock, drinking your tears, 
eating your pain; You knew that he would never go back.

You told me it with the dead look, 
trying to hold on you to my hand, 
looking for a breath to cling you to life, 
to continue to breathe in fits and starts, while you swallowed you the pain and his oblivion, 
but you could not and the anguish and sadness overcame you, 
they gagged you and they were drown you
and you let you go to where the universe is born.

Now I am alone, without you and without him, and I have to get up,
trying not to sink in my tears,
in the quicksand of despair,
to take a step, lift your feet from the mud,
that I have them sunk to the knees,
one step and then another, one step and then another,
and not think about you or him to continue living.

Image source: Pixabay