02 diciembre 2017

The square metre of your comfort zone

 He got up like every day, early and without hurry. He greeted his little dog Molly and prepared the coffee pot and put it in the glass ceramics. He undressed and went into the shower. He dried himself, put the towel on his waist and left when the coffeemaker began to whistle. He turned off the glass ceramic, closed the lid of the coffee maker, went to his room and dressed in his best suit. 
He left his room with his suitcase. He went to the living room. Took the plane ticket that was on the table and looked at it for a moment. He felt his heart throb like a runaway horse. His little dog Molly was sitting next to him, wagging her tail, hoping he would take her out to the park. He touched his head and said:
—Today I can not get you out. I am sorry. At noon, Maria will come and give you a ride. I have to travel, Moly, I have a work meeting that I can not miss.
He left the plane ticket at the table, went to the kitchen and drank his coffee. 
He got up and put the coffee cup in the sink, turned on the tap and put some water on it. He left the kitchen. Went to the living room, put on his jacket, took the ticket, the suitcase, opened the door and went out to the landing. He closed the door . He went to the elevator, touched the button to call him and waited. 
He watched, with curiosity, how all the floors passed through the digital counter of the elevator. Without knowing why, he thought about his life, that, in the end, it was like an elevator, that going up and down, without any aim.
The elevator bell took him out of his reflection. The sliding door opened and he entered.  
Soon he saw himself on the street, looked to one side and then to the other. He checked the time on his watch and went to the taxi stand that was at the end of the park. 
He crossed the park, slowly, accompanied by the rattle of the wheels of his small suitcase, without removing from his head the elevator and his digital count.
When he reached the stop, he found that it was empty. There was not any taxi. He looked at the clock again. He thought that he would not be in time to the airport. For the first time in his life, he did not care.
He stayed there waiting for a taxi that to take him to the airport. Soon one arrived, but he turned around and retraced his steps.
Now he was not thinking about the digital counting of the elevator, or his work, or the meeting in that city that was more than three thousand kilometers away, or in the dismissal and in his severance pay, or even what he going to do with his life from that moment. He only thought of taking her dog Molly to the park that was in front of her house and the square meter of her comfort zone.
Source of the image: Pixabay