29 noviembre 2017

Size does matter

I'm not going to talk about SEX. I'll tell you about the size of your blog posts on Steemit or any other platform.
Before getting into the subject, I would like to tell you that more important than size is knowing what we are going to say. You have to be clear, because that will help us to be more effective, direct and not entangle ourselves with what we want to say. Do not tangle up. Don't write a gibberish that nobody will understand.
For that reason it is important to make a preliminary scheme. A kind of script of what we want to tell, where it is clear, the planning, development and conclusion.
It is also important to be clear about the title of your entry, which will be direct, clear and not too long, no more than 67 characters.
Having said that, we are going to the heart of the matter.
There is a lot written about the matter. What size does a blog entry have to have?. That is, what number of words does an entry have to have to have a greater impact on our potential readers?
My method when I write an entry is based on these two premises:
The first is the number of words I will use. These words have to allow me to tell what I want to tell.  No more and no less. It is worthless to adjust to 1000 words and that the message of the article does not arrive clearly.
The second is, once satisfied with the content, reduce it as much as possible. Make an effort of synthesis. Without sacrificing, at all, the content.
I know, from experience, that texts of more than 2000 words are not very attractive. We must also say that every day we have less time. We only read only what interests us. If what interests us is well counted and in a concise way, then better. Baltasar Gracian said: "The good, if brief, is twice as good; and even bad, if a brief, not so bad. "
Therefore, and to conclude, I would  recommend you  that your entries be between 400 and 900 words. From my point of view, that is the ideal number for your entries to be read completely and reach the largest possible number of readers. Without forgetting, of course, what I told you before, that you are more than satisfied with the content, that you have used the right number of words to say what you wanted to say.
I hope this post was useful for you.
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 Image source: Pixabay