23 noviembre 2017

The neighbor of the nineteenth

I approached her pouty lips. I kissed him with desperate passion, while my hands tore her black bra, looking for her tender nipples.
I went down to them and caressed them .
She looked at me, grabbed my head and brought to her breasts. I, thirsty, bit her nipples, kissed her, as she groaned and she said me things in French. I knelt down, lifted her miniskirt and she opened her legs, inviting me to get wet in the effluvia of pleasure. 
 I brought my mouth closer and that I could feel the heat of the volcano that burned between her legs. 
My fingers, as dance  masters, danced with to the movements of his hips. My tongue could not resist to getting lost in the red passion of his crotch, until she screamed of pleasure. 
In that moment we hear an unmistakable sound. We reached the nineteenth floor in our elevator.

Fuente de la imagen:  Pixabay