11 diciembre 2017

La vida se abre paso

Esta pequeña lagartija tiene su pata encima de la papa, esperando a que me vaya para hincarle el diente. Le habrá gustado su sabor salado. La Palma, octubre 2017.

10 diciembre 2017

The robber of the crisis

He entered with a balaclava that covered his entire face, with a shopping cart and a airgun and he shouted:
 —Nobody move! Whoever moves, I will shot her between eyebrow and eyebrow. I do not want any nonsense, huh ? I have a very restless finger. I want not be that any one ends up in a box of finnish pine without having it planned.
The situation was aggravated . The security guard raised the  walkie-talkie and tried to call the central. But met the look of the robber who said him:
 —You, kid, do not to be play the brave. The cemeteries and crematoriums are full of man brave. Turn off the  walkie-talkie , put it on the ground and throw it at me here.
The security guard did not think twice and did what he said the robber.
 —Well, I see that we are all understanding the matter. I want to leave early and without problems. If we all do what is in the script we will get a great movie and we can gain the Oscar.
The thief looked around. He went to one of the shelves on which were all thrillers and told one of the employees:
—Put them all in the shopping cart, without leaving one. I'm watching you . I do not want to have a problem with you.
The employee looked at him bewildered. He put all the books dedicated to policial novel into the shopping cart until he filled it.
The robber looked at all establishment customers and argued:
—Do not look at me in amazement. I know that it is rare for a robber to steal books, but some have their hobbies and their vices. I am an inveterate reader. This terrible crisis leads anyone to do unthinkable things until yesterday at three o'clock. You do not know how well you spend it reading, while I wait for them to call me from unemployment. Unemployment is less unemployment and the crisis less crisis.
Without saying more, he ran down the street, with the shopping cart full of books while at the mall they could not believe what they saw.

Image source: Pixabay 

09 diciembre 2017


Yesterday, you went following his memory, 
because your heart broke into a thousand pieces, 
and you did not know where to put the pieces, they fell out of your hands 
and they rolled down the street like broken toys 
that nobody wants.

You did not expect the black boat to arrive so fast, 
because you still felt his hands, you had his smiles, 
you had his kisses and his caresses, 
but the boat arrived at your beach 
and you stayed on the rock, drinking your tears, 
eating your pain; You knew that he would never go back.

You told me it with the dead look, 
trying to hold on you to my hand, 
looking for a breath to cling you to life, 
to continue to breathe in fits and starts, while you swallowed you the pain and his oblivion, 
but you could not and the anguish and sadness overcame you, 
they gagged you and they were drown you
and you let you go to where the universe is born.

Now I am alone, without you and without him, and I have to get up,
trying not to sink in my tears,
in the quicksand of despair,
to take a step, lift your feet from the mud,
that I have them sunk to the knees,
one step and then another, one step and then another,
and not think about you or him to continue living.

Image source: Pixabay 

08 diciembre 2017

Ventanas de libertad

Las son esos elementos que nos permiten soñar con la luz y con la libertad. Todos tenemos ventanas por las que respirar y por las que escapar. ¿Cuáles son las tuyas? Estación abandonada de Valdeande, septiembre de 2017.

06 diciembre 2017

how I became a Steemit whale and I survived to tell it

Author's note: any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.

This story started a few days ago, when I received a notice on my smartphone. I had received a Steemit transfer of $ 5,000,000 from Steem Dollars.
My heart started to speed up in an alarming way. I got to thinking that it would come out of my mouth, because I did not understand what the hell was happening. I thought that this transfer was due to a serious error that I would have to solve as soon as possible.
Without thinking about it, I turned on my laptop. I entered my account, praying that it would not hang up and I could check it, overnight, I had become a Steemit whale. Once inside my profile, I selected the wallet and verified that, indeed, there were the five million Steem Dollars that I had notified my smartphone application.
Without getting out of my wallet, I checked the transaction history of the last hours. There was a transfer: 
Receive 5,000,000 SBD from Hesse
I looked for the user Hesse to find out who he was. I checked that he had a reputation of 75 and had signed up in Steemit in March 2016. Then I went into his wallet to see the history of his transactions. I verified that he had all his accounts to zero, and that his last transaction had been this : 
«Transfer 5,000,000 SBD to moises-moran». 
I froze again because that was the confirmation. I did not understand what had happened. I still thought that everything was due to a very serious error. Even to an act of hacking that had left the Hesse with nothing in its account and had turned it into an insignificant little fish. He  would be lost, forever, in the oceans of Steemit.
The first thing I did, without thinking for a moment, was to transfer the 5,000,000 SBD to Hesse, because I understood that they were his property.
I made the transaction of the money to its rightful owner. But after a few minutes, Hesse transferred the same amount of money to me again. He adding this enigmatic message: 
" The little fish want to be whales. The whales also want to be little fish, to cross the ocean without another goal to enjoy life at sea. Enjoy your moment » . 
I thought about what had happened.  I didn't understand what were the reasons why Hesse had detached himself from all his financial capital. It reminded me of the protagonist of a novel by Hermann Hesse , "The Glass Bead Game", in which his protagonist, becomes the maximum figure of the masters of the game, and when he gets it ...
After having assumed that I had become a whale, I understood the power I had. Not only when I published my first entry as a whale, but when I voted or commented on an entry that I found interesting, those I played with my magic wand, their post became the most visited and those that earned the most income. 
I spent a few days enjoying the power and prestige of being a whale, publishing and distributing my votes as best understood. One dawn I understood that a whale, first a is little fish, then dolphin. Someday, if you swim a lot and you travel many oceans, you can become a whale. 
So that same dawn, I entered my wallet to transfer the capital that Hesse had donated to me to solidarity projects in Steemit, but I did not find many. So, without thinking much, I converted the 5,000,000 SBD in dollars. I donated them to several organizations that dedicated to the protection of children, women, human rights, ecology, culture, education and poverty. 
The next morning I woke up being again a little fish, who dreams of becoming a whale, but who knows that, for this, he has to work daily and try to create content of a certain quality, to make a little bigger this great community: Steemit.
After a while I received a transfer from Hesse from two SBDs and with the following message: 
In the end you understood and acted . I was not wrong with you. I hope you get to reach your goal. You know the way. 

Image source: Pixabay 

05 diciembre 2017

Atardecer espectacular en Las Canteras

Ya he comentado, en otras ocasiones, que me encantan los atardeceres de mi tierra, y me imagino que los de la tuyas también lo son. Solo hay que buscarlos y fotografiarlos. Playa de Las Canteras. Septiembre de 2017

03 diciembre 2017

El futuro está en el amanecer

Estoy convencido de que el futuro de la humanidad está en la utilización de las energías alternativas, las llamadas energías limpias. Nos merecemos un mundo mejor. La Palma, Islas Canarias, octubre de 2017.