26 mayo 2019

What have I seen on Netflix? Collateral

Between Saturday and Sunday I finished watching the mini-series Collateral, which has Netflix on screen, and I was pleasantly impressed, because it is a series that deals with such a hot topic as immigration and the mafias of human trafficking. 
As I say, I liked the main plot, which starts with the death of a pizza delivery man of Arabian race. From then on, the plot advances, chapter after chapter, with an acceptable rhythm, until, in the third chapter (the mini-series has four chapters), the series slows down, as if it needed to catch a little air to keep moving forward.
Video source: Netflix

In each chapter, the knots of the miniseries, the main plot and the subplots are untied. To say that the subplots are related to the main plot, but linked to smoking paper, that if they were removed, in my opinion, the tape would work in the same way. However, if we removed them, the mini-series would have remained a classic film. Perhaps this is the part of the sub-plots, the weakest part of the miniseries, because of the rest, it is enough to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Production company: The Forge / British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) / Netflix / The Forge Entertainment.
Leadership: S.J. Clarkson.
Script: David Hare.
Date: 2018.
Cast: Carey Mulligan, John Simm and Nicola Walker.
Chapter length: 58 min.

A pizza delivery man is killed in one of his deliveries, from there the police try to find out who or who is behind that crime and they will encounter a multitude of problems that they will try to solve through their investigations.

24 mayo 2019

The vinaigrette and its flowers

Source: own
Yes, I know, it's the second time I've taken a flower from the vinaigrette, but it's just that I couldn't resist taking pictures of these simple, but at the same time, beautiful flowers.

Moreover, like the theatre, each photograph is different, it is never the same, because, simply, each moment is different, because everything changes in the next instant.

You take a picture now and you take a picture the next second and you already have another picture. Maybe you don't perceive it with the naked eye, but something has changed, like the light, because the sun is no longer in the same place, the passage of a cloud that makes a semi-transparent screen, the flight of a bird, in short, that the world we know changes with each step we take.

That's why I took the photograph because the set, light, colors and flowers, seemed to me worthy of immortalizing it, with which I didn't think much about it.

23 mayo 2019

¿Qué he visto en Netflix? Segunda temporada de Suburra



Ayer terminé de ver la segunda temporada de Suburra y tengo que decir que me gustó bastante, no más que la primera temporada, pero estuvo a la altura, manteniendo la tensión dramática sin desviarse con subtramas inútiles que no llevan a ningún sitio.
Aunque a mitad de la temporada, sobre el episodio cuarto, la serie entra en una especie de ralentización de la acción, como si quisiera coger un poco de resuello y seguir con el ritmo que llevaba desde el capítulo uno.
Lo importante, en mi opinión, es que la serie sigue manteniendo el interés en cómo los tres amigos, Aureliano, Spadino y Lele, intentan convertirse en los nuevos reyes mafiosos de Roma, con una acción directa y sin los líos que nos alejan de la trama principal.
Espero que la tercera temporada, que en el capítulo octavo nos dieron un adelanto de cómo iba ser, sea igual o más interesante que esta.


Producción: Cattleya / Rai Fiction. Distribuida por Netflix.
Dirección: Michele Placido, Andrea Molaioli, Giuseppe Capotondi.
Guion: Barbara Petronio, Ezio Abbate, Fabrizio Bettelli, Daniele Cesarano, Nicola Guaglianone.
Fecha: 2019.
Reparto: Filippo Nigro, Alessandro Borghi, Francesco Acquaroli, Adamo Dionisi, Giacomo Ferrara, Claudia Gerini, Carlotta Antonelli, Daniele Amendola, Eduardo Valdarnini, Paola Sotgiu, Barbara Chichiarelli, Alessandro Bernardini, Lorena Cesarini, Mirella Sarachelli.
Duración: 55 minutos.


Los tres amigos, Aureliano, Spadino y Lele, intentan controlar por todos los medios posibles la mafia que impera en Roma, pero se encontrarán con muchas dificultades, tanto dentro de sus familias, como por fuera y tendrán que superar pruebas muy duras para alcanzar su objetivo.

22 mayo 2019

Impossible circuit

Source: own
I have already commented on other occasions, that the creators have a different vision of the world from the rest of mortals and I do not say it to presume, but to verify a fact. What for you may be something insignificant, for me has an artistic value that I will be able to use at any moment.
You can walk around the city and only see people and cars, but the creators see many more things, the insignificant detail, the small plant that makes its way through a crack in the asphalt, the butterfly that rests on your hat, the rest of an old man in front of the sea, the cat sleeping on a roof, the dove that sleeps on the sand on the beach, the traces of the seagulls in the solidified cement, the shoe lost after a night of partying, and so on.
I ask you a question, would you have photographed this impossible circuit? Maybe yes or maybe no. I stopped and did it. I took out my mobile phone, put it in landscape mode and took the picture.
Why did I do it? Because it seemed to me, in my opinion, that the image had an artistic value, that its apparent chaos of straight lines and curves, had a logical code given to it by the driver of the truck that cleaned the beach of Las Canteras first thing in the morning.

21 mayo 2019

Come closer

Source: own

Come over here without me noticing,
with the stealth of a panther,
and devour me until there's nothing left of me,
neither the bones nor the breath of the past.

Approach me without giving me explanations,
without asking the permission of the gods,
break the silence with your screams
and lie down next to me and sleep,
following the path of water.

Approach from the bent infinity,
from incomprehension and unconsciousness,
talk to me even if I don't understand you, 
give me your words and I'll turn them towards the universe.

Come closer and give me your warm hands,
cover me with the light of your suns 
illuminate my cave soul and
give me a second of light for my eternity.

Come closer, sit next to me, breathe with me,
feel the flow of our consciences,
close your active eyes and let yourself be carried away
to the beyond where today it's just you and me