17 octubre 2018

Simplicity of beauty


Some flowers are so beautifully simple that sometimes they overwhelm us.
Photograph taken with Acer Liquid Z630

16 octubre 2018

Temporal obsession

He was so obsessed with time that he had digital clocks in every corner of his house. Her life was controlled by a digital hand. One day he got up and found that they had been stolen. He sat on the couch and let himself die because, without a watch, his life was meaningless. He spent the days watching the sun rise and fall and how life went by outside his home. On the third day he got up, with an urgent desire to eat. Then he realized that time was just a perspective on the prism of his life.
Image source: Pixabay  and @talentclub

14 octubre 2018

You want the winter to come

I know you want winter to come. That you don't like summer, the sun, the beach, or its cumbersome sand. I also know that you don't like the darkness, nor the stale smell of humidity, that gets in your way even the most hidden of your fibers. That you wait until they open the doors and free you from the dirty wood of this old wardrobe and walk in the city parks again; but don't forget that this is the fate of the cloth coats.
Source of the images: Pixabay and @talentclub

11 octubre 2018

The child and the fish


Another spectacular graffiti that is on Las Canteras beach on the island of Gran Canaria.
Photograph taken with Acer Liquid Z630.

10 octubre 2018

Cubist graffiti


This graffiti caught my attention because it is very different from the ones I have seen in my city.
Photograph taken with Acer Liquid Z630.